Our Design Process

1. Research

When a new client comes to us, we ask a lot of questions. We try to establish their target market and what they would like to achieve with their new website design. If required, we help find or design the perfect imagery to suit their websites needs.

2. Planning

Once we establish what the client would like to achieve, we start planning a step by step website development procedure. We then setup a basic landing page which is designed with the clients logo and contact details. Once the landing page is in place, we create a staging copy of the site which we will then use throughout the site development. The client can view the staging copy at any time to keep up to date with development progress.

3. UI Design & Layout

With the design plan signed off, our developers begin implementing colour scheme, graphics, page by page layout and CSS animations using the latest web technologies to ensure ease of navigation and the best user experience.

4. Site Structure & Build

Once every page layout is designed on desktop, we then proceed to visually check its layout on Smartphone and Tablet devices, making relevant design and layout adjustments if needed ensuring that that the best user experience is achieved on all devices and web browser platforms.

5. Pre Launch Testing

Upon website completion, we then begin beta testing all site functionality on all devices and browsers, making sure that all UI elements are functioning as they should be. Once testing is complete, we will then send the site to the client to review before going live.

6. Go Live

Once reviewed and the client is happy, we then proceed to putting the staging copy of the website, live. Once live, a full site check is done again, ensuring all elements and pages are displaying and functioning as they should be.