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Website Maintenance

Having a well designed, well optimised and visually striking website is a very important factor when it comes to representing your business and company. It can say a lot about your company and your level of professionalism. Maintaining this level and look of professionalism can sometimes be very time consuming, especially if you have deadlines to meet and clients to greet.

At True Design, we offer a full, website maintenance service. Whether you have a Content Management System website (CMS) or an eCommerce website that regularly adds new posts, pages or products, we can help take all the time, effort and hassle out of doing so. This in turn allows you more time to focus on generating new leads and meeting new potential clients, allowing your business to grow in confidence.

We can help advise on layout structure, image choice, SEO and page speed optimisation. We ensure the highest level of website maintenance by keeping your website in the best possible shape, both visually and performance wise.

Website Maintenance Dublin

Website Security

All our website maintenance packages come with website security. There has been a huge increase in the number of “Brute Force Attacks” lately, which is resulting in a lot of sites getting hacked and injected with malicious code. This can run Malware from your site. As a result on extreme cases, Google will block your site and display a notice stating that your site is infected with Malware.

Getting your site back to a healthy state and fit to resubmit to Google can be a tricky job. This involves cleaning all the infected files and making sure all Malware has been removed. Our website security can help prevent this from happening and keep your website Malware free and running smoothly.

Website Security

Whats included in the maintenance packages?

Full Website Audit
Full Site Security
Malware Check & Removal
Anti Hack
Site Hardening
Page Speed Optimisation
Weekly Full Website & Database Backup
Website & MySQL Database Transfers

New Page / Post Creation
Image Creation
Image Optimisation
eCommerce Setup
Product Creation / Product Updates
Adding Video To Pages / Posts
SPAM Comment Removal