How To Recover From The WordPress White Screen Of Death

WordPress White Screen Of Death

If your a WordPress user, there is some chance that you have encountered the “White Screen Of Death”.  We have had people come to us in a panic, freaking out saying they have no access to anything, their screen is completely white and all their content is gone. When this happens it’s kind of hard to figure out exactly how to fix it because you basically can’t get access to anything.

Rest assured, its actually quite a common problem and quite easy to fix provided you have FTP access. Nine out of ten times, the White Screen Of Death is caused by a theme that conflicts with WordPress. It can sometimes happen when you update your WordPress version and your theme may not be compatible.

If you do a Google search for “wordpress white screen of death” you get several million results. And that’s because this is the most common error that people come across when something goes very, very, wrong with their site.

We have found the solution should be to remove the active theme. To do so, first open up your FTP client, i.e FileZilla, go to your WordPress install and the inc folder. Then go to the themes folder and find the theme in question. Now all you need to do here is rename the folder to anything else. And then go back and reload your web page. Now what will happen is when you reload the WP Admin you are taken back to the Admin page. But if you go to the front end you’ll see it’s still a white screen. So what’s happened now is because the error is gone we’re able to gain access to the back end of WordPress.

But WordPress is still trying to use that theme on the front end. To fix it you just have to go to Appearance and Themes. And the second you go into this page WordPress will go, “The active theme is broken. “Reverting to the default theme.” And once that’s happened, you can jump to the front end and now you see your site using whatever is the current default theme. So WordPress has recovered your site. The broken theme is still there but because it’s now living in a folder under a different name WordPress recognizes it as a different theme and no longer keeps it active.

Of course once this has happened and you discover the broken theme you should really delete the it. In some rare cases this might also happen when you do a WordPress update. In that case it means that the current theme that you have installed is broken or in conflict with WordPress in some way and you go through the exact same procedure. Go into the folder and rename all the themes you have except for the default themes. And then go back to WordPress Admin and click on Appearance and Themes and WordPress will revert back to one of the default themes and everything should be working fine.

So remember the only thing you need to do to fix the WordPress White Screen Of Death is to go to the back end of your site through FTP, go through your themes folder, find the theme in question, rename it and WordPress should just set itself back to where it was before.

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