Project Description


Binstrap was founded in 2010 by father and son team Gaelan and Joseph Goodfellow.

Gaelan and Joseph became aware of huge problems associated with wheelie bin presentation and saw the need for a product that could keep wheelie bin lids closed during adverse weather conditions and when tipped over. They also wanted to prevent animals, birds and rodents getting at the contents.

Binstrap was designed to be bin man friendly and user friendly and help protect our environment from litter pollution, this will also help protect wildlife from the dangers of being tangled up in rubbish or consuming rubbish which could result in death.

Binstrap has been a steadily growing business and will continue to educate people on how Good wheelie bin presentation can benefit wheelie bin owners, bin companies, county councils, businesses, government, tourism, environment and wildlife as well as promoting a cleaner environment along the way.

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